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July ACA Meeting – Dan teaches about communicating with others while using wisdom and discretion.



March ACA Meeting – Excellent teaching from Pastor Lumm!


20151207_194740Christmas 2015


Wealth Builders Conference

Apostle Dan Dyer speaking at the 2015 Wealth Builders Conference in Denver, Colorado.
July ACA Meeting

At the July ACA meeting Apostle Dan taught about using discretion and wisdom in our communication with others. Here are some highlights from his teaching.

  • Proverbs 25:11 tells us how a word "fitly spoken" is like apples of gold.
  • Wisdom is not knowledge, but rather the proper communication and application of knowledge.
  • It's not good enough to simply say what we mean. We must say the right thing the right way in love.

James 3:17 speaks of "wisdom from above..."

Wisdom from above carries a "nature" not a revelation.

Communicating effectively requires:

  1. Knowing who we're speaking to.
  2. Knowing what we're trying to communicate.
  3. Knowing where to communicate (there's a proper place).
  4. Knowing when to communicate (there's a proper time).


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